I’m not one for Sunday sermons, but I may make an exception today, because this is something everyone should see.

I’ve come across David Deutsch a few times in the past in books that discuss quantum theory. He is well known for being an advocate of the “many worlds” (multiverse) interpretation which is considered a fringe outlook in the field.

I saw this presentation by him a week or so ago, and decided I would get a little more familiar with his work. I picked up his book written 13 years ago called: “The Fabric of Reality“. I was expecting it to be a book about the field of physics much like Brian Greene’s “The Fabric of the Cosmos” book. Turns out, it isn’t really like that at all. It starts with the world of physics but quickly proceeds forward into epistemology, computation and the theory of evolution. It is an astoundingly good read and I would recommend it to everyone.

I love the dedication at the beginning of his book. When I first opened it and read this, I knew it was going to be awesome:

Dedicated to the memory of Karl Popper, Hugh Everett and Alan Turing and to Richard Dawkins. This book takes their ideas seriously.