Leave it to Pat Robertson to take an enormous catastrophe with unimaginable human cost, add a little divine insight and come to the glorious conclusion that:

They deserved it.

Obviously I’m paraphrasing. What he actually said was:

They were under the heel of the French. They got together and swore a pact with the devil. They said we will serve you if you get us free from the French.

It is true that these types of doucebags are better left ignored, but it makes me wonder what the response to comments like these would be if they were not made by a religious madman? What if Micheal Ignatieff, Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Al Gore, Gordon Brown, etc made them? I’m sure the news would be alight for months over it.

Luckily, most world leaders aren’t such bigots, but why do we let religious leaders get away with this? I ‘d like to call upon moderate Christians to discredit this guy from within their own ranks.

Eamon Knight has pointed me to this collection of comments from Christians that are standing up against Robertson collected by Hermant Mehta. Good for them, it’s good to see that people are recognizing that the middle east is not the only place you find dangerous fundamentalism.