This April 1st, we celebrate by awarding our first annual “FISH OF THE YEAR” award.

Earlier this year we voted on what will hopefully become our annual tradition of “honouring” the Canadian or Canadians who did something foolish, illogical or otherwise crazy prompted by their religion.  Being in Ottawa, we have the privilege  (?) of  being able to approach this at both the municipal and federal level.

We took  nominees at last years Solstice party, and voted at January’s meeting.  The nominees were

1.  Ottawa City councilwoman Marianne Wilkinson:
Argued that not allowing her to censor bus ads she disagreed with violated her free speech.  Voted to censor us anyway even despite being told by her own legal council that censoring us was illegal and would cost the city a lot of money if we sued, as we would almost certainly win.

2. Radio talkshow host John Counsell:
advocate of all sorts of craziness (including creationism)

3. Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren:
Thinks Humanism is “a cult”

4.  Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien:
For saying he supports free speech and that all the major religious leaders he spoke to were in favor of our bus ads, then voting to ban us anyway.

5.  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper:
Appointed a creationist as science minister, numerous other things

6.  Canadian Minister of Science Gary Goodyear:
Creationist chiropractor, who when asked about evolution said he would not answer questions about his religion, then went on to backtrack and say he supported evolution, while citing several examples to show he has no idea what evolution actually is

And now, the results, by popular vote


WINNER – Stephen Harper

Runnerup – Gary Goodyear


WINNER –  David Warren

Runnerup – Larry O’Brien